Our experienced and free support will help you navigate through the complexities of visas and immigration requirements.

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Visitor visa

Our Visit desk will ensure that your Visit arrangements are taken care of. Many Airlines in fact offer special packages for students and extra baggage allowances for the student community. Our Visit desk will help you book the right airlines according to your preferred departure dates, routes and fares with the best discount offers and special baggage allowances. In addition, you need not pay for your airfare at the time of blocking. Yug Education has the knowledge, experience, and proven systems to assist you to navigate difficult immigration procedures and confidently file your visa application. We have a high success rate and provide the best service in the industry.

Dependent Visa

One of the most common reasons people travel abroad is to provide a higher level of living for their families. The Dependent Visa is a vital tool that countries have devised to assist families in living together. It helps professionals, students, permanent residents, and others to relocate their families from another country to their new home country. They can use the dependant visa to move their family from another country. Yug Education can assist you in deciphering the complexities of the dependant visa process so that you can reunite with your family and start a new life in another country.

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Student visa

In the very last step of your observe overseas application, you should observe for scholar visa, which means which you are eligible to tour to a selected country to pursue your supposed studies. The procedure of making use of for a scholar visa may be complicated. Our revel in has given us perception into the motives for visa rejections. You can keep away from the maximum not unusual place or maybe the maximum hard errors with our assist. Additionally, we've helped many college students who had their visa programs rejected. Following the high-quality practices will now no longer handiest make certain which you get hold of your visa approval quickly, however you may additionally have peace of mind.

Work Permit & PR

A work visa allows you to enter a foreign nation and work temporarily. And without a work visa, no one will be allowed to work in foreign nations even for a shorter period. Each country will have its work visa requirements. The procedures and eligibility criteria for a work visa will also differ for each country. Permanent residence can be obtained with various options along with the chance to bring a spouse and children. Some PRs can be converted to citizenship as well after some years. Plus, PR holders can take the advantage of health care benefits, free education for children, and retirement benefits.

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